A Handprint Ethic of Care

How do we include ethics in curriculum-activated ESD?

Nel Noddings (2010) notes how empathy as an ethic of care is both cognitive (knowledge) and emotional (feelings) involving four intermeshed and developmental processes of mediation in teaching and learning settings.

  • Modeling (Q1: Start-up story-sharing and throughout learning transactions)
  •  Dialogue (Q1- Deliberative work in Finding-out Q2 – Working-out Q3),
  •  Practice (Q2- Find-out – Work-out: Q3 -Try-out: Q4) and
  •  Confirmation (Learner ethical agency Q2-4: Affirmation)

Watch the YouTube below on Handprint Ethics of Care.

Watch the Umkhomva ndlela start-up story exploring habitat loss and local extinctions and how monkey populations have become an urban problem.