Amanzi for Food

Amanzi for Food project is funded by the Water Research Commission (WRC), led and implemented by the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University. The Amanzi for Food project has been running since 2015 and is now in its third project phase. The previous two ‘Amanzi for Food’ projects (K5/2277/4 and K5/2713/4) in developing processes for sharing the critical research information generated by the WRC on Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation (RWH&C) across the agricultural sector. The focus of both previous projects was on developing the capacities of agricultural trainers and educators in training farmers and smallholder food producers, especially women and youth, in implementing RWH&C practices to improve agricultural productivity and increase food security. The capacity development was achieved through the development of a Training of Trainers Course, initially, in Phase 1, offered as a face-to-face course in collaboration with several higher education and training institutions (HETs). Subsequently, in Phase 2, the course was adapted for an online platform and made available nationally and regionally. In parallel to the course development and implementation, there was a strong focus on establishing mutually supportive learning networks based on WhatsApp platforms, primarily comprising participants in the courses but also including other partners operating in the agricultural sector. We are currently expanding the availability and impact of the Training of Trainers course and the WRC information on which it is based, through refinement of the course itself, based on an in-depth review of its effectiveness; develop the capacity of agricultural trainers and educators to support others through the online course; augment the course through the development of easily accessible visually-oriented materials in the form of a digital field tool for sharing with smallholder farming and homestead gardening communities, and; strengthen and expand in particular the national/regional learning network which has emerged out of the online course.


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2021 Graduates 2022 Graduates 2023 Graduates 2024 Graduates Total Completed
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*Course still underway

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